Journey to Success....

June 6, 2017

Tiara is a First Nations youth and a single parent to a preschool aged girl. Tiara is a determined young woman; she had her daughter in her teen years and still managed to complete high school. She cherished her new role as a mother but life was not very kind. Reality set in after a few years and she started facing financial hardship. A friend recommended she checks out ‘WorkBC’ for employment support.

At Whalley WorkBC, Tiara met her Employment Counsellor and things were put into motion. Her initial plan was to become an electrician. Through career planning workshops at Whalley WorkBC, she learned the profession was not a good fit and she started exploring customer service. While preparing for her customer service career, Tiara came across a ‘trades’ program for young women that provided training in carpentry and decided to give it a shot; trades being her initial interest! The Employment Counsellor set up her referral; she successfully completed the program and found her first job as a Production Worker in a cabinet company. It took Tiara a few months to realize that ‘trades’ was definitely not her cup of tea.

Tiara went back to Whalley WorkBC for further advice. She cannot find enough kind words to describe the level of kindness, compassion, patience and guidance she received from her Employment Counsellor. Tiara commented on how accommodating her Employment Counsellor was with her by saying, “My file was probably closed, but Susan took me back without hesitation.” This time they both agreed to focus on employment in customer service. The timing was perfect; ‘Options for Youth’ program was just starting its second cohort. Tiara was interviewed and enrolled in the program. As part of the program’s placement phase she was recruited for a paid work experience in an Asian super market as a Stock-person/Clerk. This was Tiara’s first opportunity working in customer service position.

Tiara just completed her 12 week contract through ‘Options For Youth’ program and excitedly informs that the employer has offered her a permanent position and given her a raise as well. She is very happy and very proud about this achievement.