Mother's Day Special...

May 4, 2017

Like many other single parents in BC, Nikita was able to benefit through the Single Parent Employment Initiative (SPEI) of BC. She came to Options-Whalley WorkBC for help in career change and job placement. She was supported all the way by her Employment Counselor and received financial support to complete her Support Worker certification; she got a new resume and also received job development services which resulted in a job in her field.


Nitika shares her story…..

I moved to Surrey BC in August 2013, fleeing from abuse with two kids at that time. I had no idea I was pregnant with my youngest daughter until October 2013. Not having much family or positive support I learned about the SPEI program and decided to upgrade my education and make a change. I wanted to give my kids and myself the life we deserved. For over 10 years I had been doing retail management and some work with children but it was time for a change. I had a lot of people discouraging me with my decision of going back to school but my kids were all I needed to motivate me to continue. The first three months of college was a struggle with my kids being sick and in and out of hospitals but I managed and continued with my program. With the support from Whalley WorkBC, I have now graduated and work as a Support Worker for people with developmental disabilities. My youngest daughter had the chance to walk the stage with me on the day of my graduation ceremony. I enjoy my job and like the people I work with.

I faced many hardships but today I look at those as lessons of life. I am where I am today because I faced my struggles and refused to give up. If I can raise three kids alone, attend college and still be able to accomplish this much, than I'm sure a lot of others can as well. I hope this inspires other single parents to achieve their dreams and goals. On behalf of my kids and myself I wish luck to all those who are wanting to make a difference and bring change for themselves and their families.


SPEI initiative also supports single parents with financial support for daycare and transportation while in school and initial months of employment. Nitika appreciates the step by step services and support she received from Options-Whalley WorkBC Employment Services Centre!