Single dad moves from assistance to well-paid work

February 10, 2017

Donald is a highly ambitious man in his early 60s. He is a single dad of two beautiful children with almost 10 years of experience in trades, mostly self-employed to have better control over time for family. Unfortunately this did not work out and he had to seek support from BC Income Assistance (welfare).

Donald contacted Whalley WorkBC center frustrated by temporary and sketchy work opportunities and hopeful he could get help and guidance finding stable and gainful employment. Here he started working with a team of Employment Counselor and Job Developer. He learned that being a single dad on income assistance qualifies him for a recently launched incentive by the Province of BC called Single Parent Employment Initiative (SPEI). He was briefed on all his options and he initially decided to seek support in gaining skills through training in a new industry that can provide him job security and stability. After weeks of intense research on various professions he decided to stick to trades utilizing his existing skills and SPEI wage subsidy benefits.

The Job Developer took the lead on this plan for Wage Subsidy, which requires creating contacts with employers and negotiating a suitable package. Through these connections Donald found an employer who was interested in hiring him as a full time Carpenter Journeyman Assistant for $30/hour. The Job Developer met with the employer to explain the benefits of the Wage Subsidy Program and how it would mutually benefit all parties. He was successfully hired and Whalley WorkBC was able to facilitate a suitable opportunity for Donald while offering subsidized wages to the employer to train him on the job for 24 week with commitment of continued employment opportunity.

“I was convinced working full time would be better for my children and would motivate them to do their part in contributing to our family.” Donald

Donald completed four months of strenuous on-the-job training and looks forward to continue working full time. His children are in daycare through WorkBC childcare subsidy support, which may continue throughout the first year of his employment. Donald takes pride in being a Dad and a working member of the community!

“They are young but the extra responsibility I have taken on has encouraged them and me too, as I now use my time more effectively and am able to meet their needs despite having less free time.” Donald